Top 5 Digital Marketing Mistakes Can Seriously Harm Brand’s Online Reputation

In a competitive business world, having a strong and positive online presence is virtuousness for any business. A PWC survey found that thousands of consumers around the globe to track shopping behavior. In this year’s scenario, it reached out to more than 22,000 consumers in 27 territories across the globe. To maintain a positive online reputation, brands influence their customers in making a purchase. This is a delicate art – a brand must avoid the following mistakes that can significantly harm their online reputation:

1. Lack of Response to Online Review

Reviews are important criteria among customers to decide the quality of services or products offered by a brand. A customer always prefers to buy from a local business that has positive online reviews. While a brand cannot actually control the reviews its customers post online, it can certainly make the effort to admit both positive and negative reviews. This display that your business cares for a customer’s appreciation, and takes their feedback seriously enough to make improvements in your products and service. If the leaving reviews unanswered can make consumers feel that their opinion doesn’t matter to you, then it turning them away.


  • Always respond to all types of reviews (positive, negative and neutral).
  • Always try to post regularly at times when your customers are most active online.
  • Try to more engage with customers by starting conversations.
  • Identify friendly brands and try to create mutually-benefiting communications.

2. Ignorance of Social Media Presence

In a socially proactive digital world, ignoring social media can significantly damage your potential of having a positive online reputation. Though social media is one of the most likely platforms for businesses to interact with customers, Clutch’s 2018 Over 70% of small businesses use social media, according to a survey of more than 350 small business owners. According to the survey analyzes, it shows how small businesses use social media, including the platforms they use, the frequency they post, and the types of content they share. Not having an active social media presence can shackle a business’s growth prospects in the digital world. Whenever customer checks for a brand online, they always expect to know more about it through its Facebook Page or interactions on Twitter. A low social media presence represents a brand’s identity that it need not more interact or engage its customers. Most of the small businesses make the mistake of unconstrained social networks after a few weeks of activity. The consequence – a big loss for potential customers who go online looking for information about the brand.


  • Always try to post regularly at times when your customers are most active online.
  • Try to more engagement with customers by starting conversations.
  • Identify friendly brands and try to create mutually-benefiting communications.

3.Web Copy that Doesn’t Mark Your Audience

Any website work as an online storefront for a business that follows a website, just like the store’s frontage should be attractive, meaningful and have the potential to draw customers in. Web copy is what does that. Not well-written copy makes the customer wary of a business, its capabilities, and its sincerity. When the customers do not find something attractive on the website, they have no problem finding the door. This, on the top of harmful your web rankings that result in lost sales opportunities. Don’t write copy to harm your business.


  • Try to maintain your customers in mind while enrolling website copy.
  • Always focus on what difference your services can make a good impact in your customers’ lives, instead of repeating on features and specifications.
  • Provide value to the reader by giving them something to take away once she leaves your website.

4. Disorderly Employee Profiles

Your employees serve as digital spokespeople for you. Whatever they do and say online is measured as the word of the brand. Your expected customers might come across your employee’s online profiles, actions, or writings, and associate these with your brand’s belief. If they find a difference in what a brand promises and the behavior of its own employees, then they’ll not trust it at all. Even if your employees aren’t posting contradictory stuff, but they simply don’t show brand loyalty themselves, it might raise a negative flag in your audience’s mind.


  • Always motivate employees to become your biggest brand ambassadors.
  • Reward employees who make an effort to grow the brand’s identity online.
  • Try to build employee profiles on your website and ask them to share these on their personal social media pages.

5. Negative Online PR Reportage

It is Just like a negative review, negative PR has a direct impact on the reputation of a brand. If potential customers come across an article that portrays your brand in low-density, they’ll instantly reverse their decision to do business with you. Ignoring negative reportage by major publications in your industry can prove fatal to your brand’s online reputation.


  • Try to vanish the impact of bad reviews by improving your product and working with influences to promote your brand.
  • Approach the review posting websites & publications, offer more information, and request them to re-evaluate their take on your product. Never be rude in justifying yourself.


Having a positive online reputation is the first step toward a strong digital foot mark. If you really want to improve how your brand is detected by your customers, make sure that you work hard to avoid the mistakes we discussed here at all times. I hope you’ve found them useful. Feel free to leave a comment below.

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