SEO Trends for 2020: How to Get on Top in Google Search

Being a significant and critical person liable of taking big decisions in the business, you might find yourself in a situation where you may be asking yourself one of the following questions concerned with SEO:

• What is SEO?
• How is SEO changing?
• Does your business need SEO services?
• How SEO can be advantageous to your business? and many other things.

No worries; you are going to get the answers to all your questions and will get to know the importance of following-up with the SEO process and SEO trends in 2020.

Presently, businesses are continually changing their approaches and services because as technology develops, users’ behaviors and requirements also vary. In addition, companies desire to be ahead of the opposition; therefore, they adapt, diversify, and change. Well, this same thing happens with Google as well!

Google is a real business. In order to control the search engines industry, Google has to modify its algorithm to enhance the experience for their users. That’s the reason why SEO is continually shifting. And you and your business should too!

Have you even realized how quickly is SEO fluctuating?

Last year in 2018, Google listed around 3,234 updates on its algorithm. However, they have undergone about ten significant updates that influenced the rankings of the websites & businesses broadly. This is why it’s essential to stay up to date with all of these variations and accommodate them to your digital marketing policy to ensure that users discover your site in search engines.

Obviously, I know that you desire to have a successful approach for 2020, so keep reading to tap the biggest SEO trends 2020.

Voice Search

This is a time when maximum (or we could say most of the) users have started using mobile devices over desktops thereby resulting in more people inclined towards using voice search. The reason being why maximum number of people are moving towards voice search because it’s faster and more manageable when you’re working on other jobs.

What’s more, back in the year 2016, Google revealed that more than 20% of researches conducted on it were done through voice search – more so, this trend is only going to extend up in the coming time.

However, conventionally typed and voice searches differs from one another and so does the optimization policies. In the case of Voice search, it gets vital to think of more natural language, and local searches to ensure every function is working properly.

User Experience

This is the significant one. Google keeps up adding more and more update into its algorithm to give more consistent and reliable results. The central purpose of adding new things into the algorithm is to eliminate any sort of wrong usage of tactics of discredited SEO methods.

Now, Google considers user experience and user engagement as the most influential and fundamental key metrics the SEO rankings. This is because the UX is an essential indicator of the piece of content and the quality of a site. Subsequently, the website should have great features added to it.

A high bounce rate means to Google that the result was not helpful, or what the user was seeking for. And if this gets on happening, Google will finally rank the site at the lower level in its result page. Several additional user experience metrics indicate defective or low quality like dwell time, average session time, page views, etc. All of these consolidated communicate to Google a description of the nature of the site.

Google’s purpose is to give the most reliable and appropriate results to users, so this is why UX has got and will remain to be such an imperative constituent.

Quality Content

"Content is king" - Surely you have had heard this quote many times before. After all, this is one of the most used phrases in the IT world.

With the influence of user metrics, you just cannot let your content drop by the other side. You need to build your content in order with how it will influence your user metrics, in different words, producing valuable content which will rank considerably.

You need to question yourself things like:

• Is this content valuable? Does it add something helpful and innovative to other content on this subject?
• Will this kind of content lead to a high bounce rate for this particular keyword?
• How should I connect this content to additional pages on the website to build my overall page views?
• How do I have my audience interested as long as feasible on this specified web page?

Elucidating these questions in a method that gives the greatest value to your readers' will undoubtedly be a win-win state for all.

This way, the readers win because they will have discovered what they are watching for. Google succeeds because the readers are satisfied that the search engine has addressed the content that helped them resolve their query or answer their problem. Plus, you win because Google will proceed to make more organic traffic to the site.

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Mobile-First Indexing And Page Speed

There's no mystery that mobile has surpassed at a huge rate over the past few years and now makes up approximately half (seldom more) of search traffic globally.

Google has started mobile-first indexing and lately declared many new things. Nevertheless, some businesses still don’t possess a mobile-optimized site. Individuals are increasingly seeking on mobile tools, and Google is solely not going to display your site to its users if it's not mobile-friendly, since it will deliver mobile users a bad user experience.

Fundamental constituents in mobile optimization incorporate quick loading speeds as well as easy and definite navigation created for the more diminutive screens.

The bounce rate of the site is one of the primary user metrics that indicate bad or low-quality user experience to Google, so assuring your site performs as fast as feasible for mobile users must be superiority to attain great search engine ranks.

More so, you can examine and monitor your website activities utilizing Google's no-cost speed test tool, which will also give you the speed scores for your website and suggestions for change.

Google's mobile-friendly test tool will examine your website to understand just how simple it is for a mobile user, and give suggestions and guidance for usability enhancements and correcting mistakes.

Omni-Channel Retailing

At present, we exist in an environment of multi-channel, different marketing practices with client journeys being more complex and fragmented than before. In order to deliver a great user journey with your retailing funnel, you must integrate your various marketing policies into one holistic strategy.

This multi-channel marketing includes communicating with clients and prospects through different channels, like email, mobile, etc. Every channel works individually from the rest with its personal purposes and plan. Omni-channel marketing, furthermore, includes utilizing multiple channels but strives to provide clients with a seamless, unified practice throughout every channel.

It does not matter if it is paid advertising, podcasting, or YouTube – extending your marketing efforts to incorporate other client acquisition programs will assist with your search engine optimization. The more frequently your content is distributed, and the more your business name is specified on other sites, the more authentic and honest you will be viewed by Google, and hence, your Google search rankings will get better.

By adding a diversity of digital tactics to your retailing efforts, you will be providing yourself more chances to be desired, shared, discussed, and referenced on the web. Later on, the SEO results will get better than before.


85% of people online only visit the first page results while performing a search query on the search engine; hence, it gets essential to hold the top rank in the search results of Google. More so, holding a prime position on the first page results increases the possibility of attaining the business goals decisively which could be attainable through the guidance of search engine optimization company.

All businesses should spend in search engine optimization services as a long-term approach that could generate massive amounts of leads and revenues if you are steadily familiarized with the new trends in SEO. Well, keyword stuffing, link swapping, low-quality content, and duplicate content are methods practiced in the earlier times that were doing well simply to rank but are no longer relevant for search engines & users.

To be pretty honest, the nature of search engine optimization is that it is continually growing with the passing time. In order to be at the top of your search engine rankings and assure you are making as much traffic to your site as feasible, you must be aware of the trends that will drive the way ahead in the coming time.

Voice search, user experience, quality content, mobile-first indexing, and Omni channel marketing are simply some SEO new trends you should be having abreast of. Performing these aspects of search engine optimization on your site will set yourself, your company, and your website ahead of everyone else.

In a case, if you have any questions concerning any of these trends, please drop a comment.

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