Which Social Media Platform Is Best For Your Business?

Have you just immersed yourself and decided to invest in Social Media Sites for your business? Must say, a great decision, indeed!

Presently, Social media is one of the most productive and cost-effective forms of marketing available since the return on investment it is giving back to the business industry is immensely growing with each passing day.

Now, it is your time to tap into the world of social media marketing services!

But the real question is - in which social media site should you invest in? Will it be okay to invest in each social media site present in 2019? Which social media site is going to offer your business back in with the maximum ROI at the least expenses?

Hah, so much confusion and questions are there! Before we dive into the best social media sites for your business, let us have some real talk about Social Media.

Do you know there are around 81% of the US population that have at least one social media profile, and there are more than half who owns two or more than it? Well, this figure clearly depicts no matter which social media site you decide to opt, you will get a great chance of reaching out to the maximum audience that you may not be able to reach otherwise.

Moreover, these days, people aren’t merely practicing social media, but they’re practicing social media mainly to make buying choices!


Approximately 70% of B2C marketers have got clients by Facebook. 94% of Pinterest users use this social media site to plan and make investments, and over 82% of Instagram users use Instagram to buy products online.

These days, not just people are buying from businesses on social media sites; instead, they are investing their 25% to 40% more investments in businesses that are practicing social media!

More so, there are 75% of those consumers who have had a great experience with a business on social media and are recommending the same business to their own family, friends, and colleagues, thereby expanding your client base even more!

These big numbers clearly show that there are lots of money which can be made in the social media realm. However, the major concern is among them all which one would be best for your business? In this post, we are going to consider the top 5 social media sites for businesses to help business people like you to decide which site is to be the best social media for business.

So, how to choose the best social media platform among so many options? Here are the top 3 steps to get to know which platform is ideal for your business.

Step 1: Know Your Targeted Audience

Yes, this is the initial thing to do. In this, you need to be very specific to make your future processes a bit simpler. Question your own self and know the answers to the below-mentioned questions:

• Who are your likely customers?
• Are they male or female?
• What are their age-groups?
• What is their educational level?
• In which services they are interested in?

Know the right & clear answers to all of these questions in order to help yourself build out a strong profile for your own business.

Step 2: Determine Your Goals

Once you get to know your target audiences, you need to define your business goals for the audience. Being a business owner, your goal should be to drive leads by attracting likely customers; however, there are some other goals for social media. While a few businesses use social media to drive brand recognition and to build relationships with possible customers, there are some who use social media for customer assistance.

More so, whenever it happens to build social media goals, you just require brainstorming some effective ways in which social media could work great for your business.

Step 3: Locate Your Targeted Audience

Once you have your audience profiled and aims determined, it is the time to locate all the likely audiences. In order to do this, you need to know the platform your possible audience uses. (Tip: To know this, you can consider looking at the demographics of every user). In addition to this, you will also require to know which platform is being used the most by your likely audience.

Rather than engagement and demographics, you must also know how people are using those specific platforms.

Always Remember – With social media, the opportunities are limitless and steadily growing – though there’s forever an appropriate answer for your marketing requirements!

Social Media Marketing Plan

The Top 5 Social Media Sites That Are Most Beneficial For Companies In 2019

Once you realize social media marketing benefits for the business success, then my dear friend, you are already many steps ahead of the businesses who haven't realized it till yet. Believe me, there are many and many of those.
In order to help you prioritize and save your valuable time, I have listed the top 5 social media platforms for businesses that will indeed work so well for your marketing purpose.

Here are those:

• Facebook
• Twitter
• Instagram
• LinkedIn
• Pinterest


Till the date, Facebook has over 1.3 billion users worldwide. Isn't such a big number, even bigger than the complete population of China? Nevertheless, it is really important to know how people are using this social media platform: mainly to build relations and be in contact with their known ones. All its features make Facebook a great platform for building the loyalty of customers and staying in contact with the existing ones.

Probably, the one downside of Facebook would be somewhere; it gets hard on it to locate a new audience. This is because it has a really large population, which only makes you reach the audience within your own networks.

Before you start making use of this platform, first you need to understand the importance of Facebook marketing for business. In a case, if you are attempting to acquire some new business, Facebook might not be your cup of tea. However, if you are trying to build a great & dedicate following for your brand, then this can be one of the greatest options for your business.


Founded back in 2006 year, Twitter owns more than 330 million users. To be honest, this is half of what Facebook already owns. Twitter users can only send messages and tweets of 240 characters (it is the word limit for users). These tweets normally have a smaller lifespan than posts as compared to other platforms, thereby making active users often post in a single day. From the purpose of business, it would be good to start with 5 to 7 messages per day.

Twitter is most suitable for news-oriented information centered on popular events, whereas this platform is also recognized for sharing ordinary things too. If you are thinking of starting up with this platform, make sure to observe it uniformly. Twitter is common for people filing complaints against the business and then getting immediate responses.

Oftenly overlooked messages on Twitter are equivalent to neglecting the likely client. However, if you can hold with actual messaging and answer to your clients instantly, it has a deeply involved user base that probably be happy to avail your business services.


Instagram is the most recent social network, with a great number of users under the age bar of 27. As a matter of fact, this makes it a perfect social media network for businesses that are aiming for young audiences. Great pictures and short videos with creative & innovative content can work great on this platform.

Moreover, Instagram also integrates Twitter and Facebook accounts so that you can share similar pictures on these two platforms as well. Basically, Instagram tends to own more following in urban areas, depicting companies that are focused on offering home building, and agriculture cannot do better than the businesses that are offering digital and fashion-related services.

However, that’s not to state you can’t get progress if you are not a growing, popular business — simply that you will need to be more imaginative with the posting you are making on it.


LinkedIn is the biggest-known social media platform having more than 500 million active users on it. LinkedIn is one vast platform for companies wanting to enhance distinctness, where one can showcase his business, its latest activities, services, and products.

For companies wishing to promote the business to business or business to customer's arena, LinkedIn is the ideal network site to follow up with. Well, presently there are many businesses that have used their LinkedIn account to make themselves as an industry expert in the competitive era. It is just that a business needs to publish the content which is consonant in nature and interests their likely and existing users.

To make the most out of it, a business needs to understand its audience, competitors, and people seeking out help in recruitment.


Back then, established in 2010, Pinterest has more than 175 million active users. This platform lets its users add “pins” of pictures.

These pin of pictures can, later on, help a business to get some click-throughs to products, videos, and websites. In the starting, this platform was begun with an idea of sharing women-related things such as food recipes, fashion stuff, home decor ideas, but now everything has got completely changed.

Nowadays, many successful businesses are making good from their Pinterest account. More so, if you can bring life to the pictures creatively, you should definitely consider adding Pinterest in your repertoire. More so, this social network platform works exceptional for promoting blog posts, goods, and services.

Do A Fabulous Job With Each & Every Platform You Tend To Choose

While it is not important to have a great presence on each and every platform in the starting, just start with one or two platforms and make sure you are putting your best and doing a great job on it.

Remember, there is a little less interesting on the web than tripping on an old social media account. Therefore pick the platform that’s most suitable for your enterprise goals and then begin with it.

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