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Treat Challenges as opportunities

and work toward overcoming them to emerge as the market leader

Kensington Laboratories, LLC's website lacked structured website indexing, which is considered to be one of the most important elements for brand establishment.

It also faced difficulties in order to spread awareness about the brand, therefore requiring a proper plan of action to boost the digital presence for better reach. Once the target audience gets to know about your brand, the lead generation process gets activated, ultimately resulting in increased orders and sales.

The website needed engaging and innovative content to speak to its target audience and to deal with issues concerning the usage of repetitive keywords and language redundancy on the website.


The objective was to do a well-researched market analysis and look for competitors who were leading the market. Also, we had to do a detailed breakdown of their keywords, content strategy, link-building strategy, social media content, timing, etc. We had planned to review all the leading competitors and understand their strategies to identify what works best for the brand. Apart from that, we had to research for the most engaging content for this industry. Our experts researched relevant related websites for potential link-building outreach.

Defining Brand Strategy

In order to stand-out as the next market leader, it is crucial to execute strategies as planned; Our experts constructed roadmaps and plan-of-action to facilitate timely delivery of projects.

Creative Content Generation

Strong and relevant content always hits the right mark; therefore, our experts defined a clear and relevant tone for the brand for better reach.

Target Market Research

Our expert team of knowledgeable market researchers conducted in-depth market research to get a clear prospective of what happened and what needs to be done.

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As Kensington Laboratories, LLC embraced the new brand personality, the need to put in effort toward redesigning the website began. The initial step was to rethink the website information structure with a more human-centered design. Our experts worked to make the website search engine user-friendly and fixed all site-related issues.

Technical SEO
Targeted Keyword Research
Meta Creation
Alt Text Optimization
Content Optimization
Off-Page Promotion
Increased Quora-Engagement
Guest Blogging

Current Ranking & Other Metrices

34 keywords are ranking on top search results (page 1) of Google.com
4 keywords are ranking on page 2 of Google.com
Not even a single keyword is above 50 search results
A total of 77 keywords are ranking on Google.com
URL rating of the website is 38/100 as of now
The total number of links from other websites is 2.32K

Final ROI for Kensington Laboratories, LLC

Our result-oriented professionals at Woosper supported Kensington Laboratories, LLC, during their journey to develop an amazing market presence. In 6 months of solving technical and other challenges, there was a significant improvement in keyword rankings along with a tremendous increase in traffic post-fixing technical SEO elements.


The organic ranking has improved by 200% in the past six months


Total revenue coming from organic sources has improved by 245% in the past six months


Organic growth has helped the client to cut down the PPC budget by around 80%


We are now listed on almost all major tech sites


Kensington Labs is now established as a brand, and we are getting thousands of traffic for the brand keywords

Hear from Our Client

It is always great to work with enthusiasts who help and support you to grow and develop. It was an absolute honor to work with team Woosper, as the professionals knew what they were doing; therefore, the results were significant in terms of lead generation, boost in website traffic and better sales outcomes. The team was well-equipped with the latest tools and technologies to extract results. It was great working with Woosper, and I look forward to collaborating again!

Veena Kaul 
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