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When PPC was introduced back in 2002, it changed the world of advertisements. Since then, it has been the best and most affordable advertising mode. All it needs is a clear strategy, logical approach, and loads of testing. Woosper is among the best PPC agencies who has helped a number of clients to increase their revenue through Google ads, Bing Ads, Social media ads, and more.

All our PPC consultants are Google certified and have adequate exposure of working in different industries. We work as a team and constantly analyze all the campaign data to deliver benchmark results.

PPC is best for you if you want quick results as it tends to get leads in a very short period of time. Get our PPC advertising services and increase your ROI on an exponential scale.

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Search Ad Campaigns

Search Ad Campaigns

We help you stay ahead your competitors on search engines and convert your audience into your customers with high-converting landing pages. We always prefer high-purchase intent keywords to yield maximum leads.

Display Ad Campaigns

Display Ad Campaigns

There are ways through which you can place your display ads on websites where your target audience is mostly active. We will help you to run your ads on those websites and convert them without being pushy.

Remarketing Ad Campaigns

Remarketing Ad Campaigns

We will help you retarget your previous website visitors by creating remarketing ad campaigns. Remarketing is one crucial aspect of any PPC service, so we pay extra attention to it to get leads.

PPC Campaign Audit

PPC Campaign Audit

Woosper’s expertise in pay per click marketing will help you in refining your existing PPC campaigns. We understand that without an in-depth audit you cannot optimize your ad campaigns and control the cost per acquisition.

Social Media Ad Campaigns

Social Media Ad Campaigns

Our SEM experts have proficiency in social media platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter and more. Run social media ads with us and instantly convert your page visitors into your customers.

Shopping Ad Campaigns

Shopping Ad Campaigns

Are you running an Ecommerce store? If yes, then opt for Woosper’s Shopping Ad Campaigns and showcase your products with high quality images/banners and get them to buy your products instantly.

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Here are some exciting brand stories of what amazing things can happen when you hire PPC Consultant at Woosper.

Client Testimonials


My Ecommerce store was almost on the verge of closing. I took a last chance and I found Woosper. They turned my store into a super ecommerce store and now my sales are increasing at a 55% rate per month. I am thrilled and relieved at the same moment. Thanks to Woosper’s PPC team, you guys are the best.

Larry Kim
Sales VP

There was this time when my IT company just stopped getting leads from APAC. Woosper helped me in targeting that region effectively and now I am getting around 45-70 leads per month from which I am converting 15-20 per month. Now my sales team is always in conversation with leads. I would like to recommend Woosper for PPC consulting services.

Annie Chang

Woosper team helped a lot to decrease my cost per acquisition. Earlier I was taking services from some other agency but they failed not just to grab leads but that too at very high cost. Woosper did fantastic job in scaling down the cost and increasing the lead count.

James Thomson

It was terrific to work with woosper experts. Their timely submissions, regular updates, and acceptance of feedback are commendable. Woosper's PPC experts not only showcased positive outcomes but also provided us with consultancy and advice on what will work best for us. Great working experience. Thanks!

Alli Ric

A huge cheers to the PPC team at woosper, who have delivered the absolute best results and presented us with new strategies to advertise our brand even better. Their way of working is professional. Team have excellent knowledge of PPC, and the communication was always clear and well understood. I am looking forward to working with them soon.


Why Hire a Pay Per Click Agency?

PPC marketing company places ads strategically that would make your products & services highly visible to your target market. You need PPC services to monitor and constantly optimize your ad campaigns. Hiring a PPC agency can guide you to maximize your advertising success rate and provide the best cost-saving techniques. PPC experts can provide tailored budgets that promote wise spending and minimize waste.

Time-saving advertising techniques can benefit an organization in different productive ways. You save valuable time when you work with PPC experts devoted to promoting your products and services to reach its target audiences. Opting for PPC services can help you be efficient at work & get optimized ad benefits with actionable insights.

PPC advertising services establish your brand online and provide exactly what your ad campaigns need. When you align with a PPC agency for your ad campaigns, exchanging valuable information related to your requirements with the experts for the best results is necessary. It will further help you to achieve your goals & targets conveniently.

It is always advisable to select a PPC company that caters to your requirements. Please ensure they are familiar with your industry standards, upfront pricing, relevant KPIs, the bandwidth to go through a large quantity of data, and can present an overall big-picture approach to your PPC requirements. Pay per click management agency should be able to offer a plan of action that promises current growth and future development planning for your organization.

Discover How Pay Per Click Marketing Works

Pay-per-click marketing follows a methodology where the keyword is the king. A service where advertisers pay a fee for advertising if their ad is clicked. PPC experts work toward identifying relatable and industry-preferred keywords to increase your brand's online visibility among its target audience.

Goal Defining

Defining your long and short term goals with PPC marketing is an essential step toward building an effective & strategic ad campaign. With the availability of various PPC targeting options within AdWords, specifying your company goals will help you choose the relevant platforms and ad types that are best suited for your marketing needs.

Audience Targeting

Advertisers need to target the most relevant keywords along with targeting based on intent. All your actions, like keywords you bid for, the ads you display, and the landing pages you share with people, should aim towards them being able to cater to the needs of your target audience.

Ad Creation

Once you have clearly defined your target audience base and identified specific landing pages, the next step would be to start creating & optimizing your advertisements, which will act as a link diverting internet traffic towards your website's already optimized landing pages. Ensure your goals highlight your USP & offer value.

Optimize & Analize your PPC Campaign Strategy

Optimizing your ads with the help of using the right tools in the ad creation process helps you to give them more structure. Therefore, your analysis focuses on identifying what keywords and targeting features help drive your campaign goals.

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Frequently Asked Questions

PPC is a type of internet marketing that includes advertisers paying some money every time one of their ads gets clicked. Simply put, you only have to pay when one of your ads gets clicked upon.

There are various types of PPC campaigns; check below;
  • Remarketing Campaigns 
  • Campaign Management Setup
  • Native Advertising
  • PPC Audit Services  
  • Search Ads
  • Display Ads
  • Google Shopping Ads
  • Local Services Ads
  • YouTube Ads
  • Facebook Ad Services
  • Social Media Advertising
  • Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)

Opt for a PPC service that best serves your industry standards and brand requirements. Your decision should also depend on your defined budget, target audience, advertising goals, etc.

PPC is a prime mode of advertising in digital marketing. PPC service grows your business results in the long and short run. It establishes your business by staying ahead of the competition; your target audience starts recognizing your brand with the help of display ads. Moreover, it gives your consumers a smooth way to connect with your business.

PPC offers many benefits. Some of them are the following; 
  • It contributes to business goals- establishes and helps your business receive recognition.  
  • Easy to track- PPC ads can be tracked easily as it runs through Google ads.
  • Quick entry- if your business is new or decade-old but not established. PPC can help solidify your online presence faster than other digital marketing services. 
  • You are the boss- you have total control over PPC campaigns. You can stop or continue campaigns whenever you desire.

Adwords is Google’s PPC advertising platform and a large source of revenue. But they are not the same. Google, being the only and most prominent search engine, enjoys several advantages. It controls ad display depending on certain factors.

Yes, we can manage your entire PPC campaign. We have PPC experts working with us; you can get in touch with us to discuss your project.