In Talks With TwittaNerd - Lindo Myeni
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In Talks With TwittaNerd – Lindo Myeni

In Talks With TwittaNerd - Lindo Myeni

It is great to know how leaders think and strategize when it comes to the ever-changing digital marketing industry. In a world where almost every branding and marketing agency is aiming towards presenting a unique, distinct and relevant brand image, we got an opportunity to connect with TwittaNerd an award-winning influencer, a well-known name in the marketing influencer industry, who always presents his valuable insights in a manner that every marketing expert can resonate with. 

He keeps his viewers’ interests at the center while sharing his thoughts & that’s what sets him apart from the rest. Check out the following post to read more about TwittaNerd (Lindo Myeni) and his industry-relevant insights. 

To take this insightful discussion forward, Simran Dhawan – Content Strategist, Woosper, hosted the session with a set of intriguing questions that gave an in-depth understanding of influencer marketing. 

Simran: Tell us a bit about yourself.   

Lindo Myeni: I am a social media manager and influencer based in Johannesburg, South Africa. I have been working in social media for over half a decade now, started out while I was at college to be exposed in working with big brands as influencer. I am a scholar of the social media marketing game, I realized very early to stay relevant and effective, and also to be always eager to learn and remain teachable is key to success.  

Simran: What does the word “influencer” mean to you?   

Lindo Myeni: Influencer means credibility and authority. An influencer is someone who has the power to affect the purchasing decisions of others because of his or her authority, knowledge, position, or relationship with his or her audience. The two key ingredients in influencer marketing success are trust and authority. 

Simran: ChatGPT has drawn so much attention in recent times. It has created a debate in the marketing industry. What are your thoughts on this?  

Lindo Myeni: Marketers can employ ChatGPT, a potent AI tool, to increase the effectiveness and precision of their campaign efforts. ChatGPT is a platform that marketers can use to save time, effort, and money while still generating high-quality ideas, from lead generation and content development to customer service and search engine optimization. 

Simran: You have been doing influencer marketing since 2015. Has industry changed much, and if it has, can you share a significant change or progress that shaped the industry as it is in 2023?  

Lindo Myeni: I started working as an influencer back in 2015 and the influencer industry has evolved drastically since then – In 2023, it’s safe to say we are at the peak of influencer marketing. Today, digital communities rule the world of commerce and at the top of each community are influencers.

When influencers proliferated, businesses began to take advantage of their power by offering them free merchandise (and occasionally even cash) and asking them to share it with their audience. This strategy eventually gave rise to the sector of influencer marketing that we now know and love.  

Simran:  Everyday competition gets tougher in the marketing industry. People criticize each other to gain attention. How do you deal with growing competition?  

Lindo Myeni: I managed to stay this long because I realized very early that not keeping up is falling behind. Don’t hate the player, hate the game is the principle that you remain respectful and compassionate towards people in any competition. I embrace the challenge as it presents an opportunity to be creative and grow as an influencer.  

Simran: What do you find most challenging and easiest about blogging? 

Lindo Myeni: Consistency — I know this story well. When I was freelancing, I made a commitment to post on my blog once per week, in good times and in bad, in sickness and in health. No matter what, that post was going up. Now that I’m employed full time and spend most of the day on the computer, I find it much more challenging to motivate myself to write regularly, and to prioritize it alongside exercising, cooking, cleaning, nurturing my relationships, and just generally managing life.

Connect, share & grow. I love to write and share my experiences, ideas, and inspiration with the world, So, I’ve developed certain tactics that have enabled me to get on the blogging bandwagon, and it feels so wonderful. Before I had a blog, I used to publish my articles on Medium

Simran: Can you share one social media marketing secret tip with our readers?   

Lindo Myeni: There is no secret in social media marketing, as soon as you press a post or publish button your then secret is out! It is a drive and inspiration to do what you love that keeps you going — I remember in the early days when I was volunteering to build case studies it was that drive that kept me going. And maybe my advice to other fellow marketers is that they should remain teachable, I am also a scholar of the game. Perhaps the secret, though, would be to keep it authentic. 

Simran: What, according to you, will be the future of influencer marketing?   

Lindo Myeni: Authenticity will always win! The name of the game, when it comes to influencer’s content, is one: authenticity. Presenting authentic, unfiltered content is a significant trend right now, and marketers are jumping on board swiftly to take advantage of its (profitable) advantages. Influencers are gravitating for true, unvarnished content rather than the constantly updated, entertaining filters that Instagram adds to videos and photographs.

From showing bodies exactly like they are to guiding followers through product tutorials in a fun, playful way, the atmosphere that authentic content delivers are relaxed, friendly, and relatability. In 2023 and beyond, it is very likely that we will see more and more collaborations between influencers, particularly on Instagram and TikTok. The rise of affiliate and influencer marketing is also one of those things we have to look out for now going into the future.

The line between affiliates and influencers is becoming increasingly blurred as influencer platforms integrate with eCommerce more and more, moving beyond simple ‘awareness’ campaigns to actually drive sales. Brands are looking for long term partnerships with influencers instead of once-off projects, in 2023 expect brands and influencers to join together for long-term, ongoing projects rather than one-off sponsored posts. 

Simran: What advice would you have for someone wanting to become an influencer or a digital creator?  

Lindo Myeni: My advice would be to start, meaning that if you start creating content and growing your audience you would be in a better position to work with brands in the future. Authentic and honesty to your audience is very important to succeed in this game.

Influencer marketing is a developing phenomenon and trend that is gaining popularity. Many marketing organizations are starting to use it as a common marketing strategy. Becoming an influencer is never too late, especially if you have a specific niche in mind. In 2023 and beyond — more nano influencers will become popular as a way for marketers to reach targeted audiences. 

Simran: Where can people go to find out more about you online? 

Lindo Myeni: You can find my Twitter profile here-  

In a Nutshell

Hope the above QnA gave you a refreshing view of digital marketing and its trends, of how you can channelize influencer marketing into your marketing plan of action to boost various social media aspects and get improved results. 

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