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Social Media Growth Strategy Talks – Jaideep Parashar

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We are witnessing industries where leaders have become more aware, vision-driven and value oriented. Social media platforms like LinkedIn have emerged as a leading networking community where you will get to know about insights & get a chance to connect with such leaders. We had the chance to connect with one such leader Jaideep Parashar, a well-known name in the LinkedIn growth industry, who always presents his invaluable insights in a way that every marketing expert can relate to. 

He shares his opinions on Social media growth strategy while keeping the interests of his viewers in mind, and this is what makes him stand out from the competition. To learn more about Jaideep Parashar and his observations that are pertinent to the industry, see the post that follows. 

To take this intuitive discussion forward, Simran Dhawan – Content Strategist, Woosper, hosted the session with a set of intriguing questions that gave an in-depth understanding of LinkedIn growth strategies. 

Simran: Can you tell us about your professional background? How did you become a LinkedIn growth expert? 

Jaideep: Years back, I started my career as a passionate researcher with an aim to learn the In-depth about business management and success. After years of study and strategic market research, I was looking for a platform where I could share my knowledge and LinkedIn was the platform to impart my insights. 

I recorded my everyday LinkedIn market strategy progress for the last 3 years in an excel sheet to study it and it became a strong foundation of my LinkedIn knowledge. 

Simran: In your experience, what are the steps to becoming a LinkedIn Growth Expert? How do we do it? 

Jaideep: There are three steps to become LinkedIn Growth Expert: 

  • Have deep understanding of LinkedIn algorithm and how it influences the reach. 
  • Build influence so that you take your message to the last person. My content reach is 60 million now due to the right influence. 
  • Keep experimenting with the content as it gives more insights about the content, ideas and algorithm support. 

Simran: What do you wish more people knew about the role a LinkedIn Growth Expert plays in the success of a business 

Jaideep:  As an expert, my job is to make strategies for high profile professionals and businesses so that they can achieve maximum result from LinkedIn. On LinkedIn, it’s not about the Like or comments, it’s about who is the target audience and how to reach them with an ideal message. 

Simran: What are some latest trends & best practices for companies who want to use LinkedIn marketing strategy to grow their business? 

Jaideep: There are many trends one can observe currently on LinkedIn: 

  • The content with the message of humanity, kindness or bonding gets the maximum response. 
  • Video based content gets maximum response from users in comparison to text based post only. 
  • The first line of the post is the most important part of the post. The first line defines the future of the post. 

Simran: What are a few things you should never do while doing LinkedIn marketing? 

Jaideep: My advice is that:  

Before starting any big campaigns, test some small campaigns. Once you become sure of the success, and then launch your big marketing campaigns

If you don’t get results in the first three weeks, either change or leave the campaigns altogether. 

Never focus too much on sales or lead. Educating the audience is the key. 

Simran: In your opinion, what are the most crucial leadership lessons that aspiring leaders should learn early on? 

Jaideep: My opinion would be: 

  • Always focus on helping people by adding values. 
  • There is no shortcut to success on LinkedIn so avoid looking for shortcut. 
  • LinkedIn is not just a business platform, it’s a platform of learning and networking. 

Simran: What are the most common reasons a LinkedIn marketer fails to achieve their goals? 

Jaideep: There can be many reasons but during research I found the following as the most crucial reason as: 

  • They don’t pay attention to identifying the target audience. 
  • They don’t give a single message through their campaigns. 
  • They don’t work for a considerable amount of time. My last marketing series was 6 months long and the 2nd last series was 8 months long.
  • They do less research and experiment about their content. 

Simran: Why is continuous learning and training so crucial to career growth? 

Jaideep: The speed of information generation is very high and it’s really difficult to match the pace of information. The information we currently hold will become obsolete in a couple of years and with obsolete information, it’s hard to make career progress. 

In my last 14 years of research career, I never seen such fast speed of information generation. 

According to Alvin Toffler, 21st Century belongs to those who can learn, unlearn and relearn. 

Simran: How can business leaders connect with you? 

Jaideep: Leaders can connect with me through my LinkedIn Account:

In a Nutshell: 

We hope the above QnA gave you a refreshing view of how to improve your Business profile on LinkedIn, of how you can channelize LinkedIn strategizing into your marketing plan of action to boost various social media marketing aspects and get improved results. 

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Simran Dhawan
Having several years of experience in content & communication department, working with client of all stature and a strong journalism background, gave her the required understanding of always presenting with the best. Her inquisitive approach towards working gets the most out of a scenario, which always keeps the interest of users intact.

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