2019 Digital Marketing Trends That Will Knock Your Socks Off
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2019 Digital Marketing Trends That Will Knock Your Socks Off

With the onset of 2019, the digital marketing landscape that comprises social media, SEO, content marketing, PPC and more is observing an affected shift. There existed a time when you could have dismissed visual search or artificial intelligence as gimmicks from the modern blockbuster science fiction movie, but that era is has been left way back.

With the upcoming digital marketing approaches and new trends that are developing in the present high tech world, Internet-linked scenario and businesses now require practicing them to succeed in their efforts because what functioned for you last year may not fulfill this year.

Below are a few digital marketing trends that you ought to know:-

Voice Search

Voice search is certainly enhancing in popularity. According to research, 50% of all queries will be voice-based by 2020.

Voice search are prominently divided into two types: Those that are applied by smart speakers like the Google Home, Apple Homepod, Microsoft’s Cortana and Amazon’s Alexa, which offer searchers instant voice replies to their questions and those that are mounted in desktops, and smartphones like the Google Assistant and Siri which showcase written search outputs.

Leading brands are wondering how to serve their promises via voice-based devices because they are reasonable and provide greater proficiencies than ever before whereas various visitors are practicing voice search to communicate with these brands.

Industries should also aim their outreach hard work on implementing voice engine optimization. Marketers must practice a more natural language SEO to develop content consequently. This necessitates them to wonder what their targeted customers may practice in their voice queries along with its aim on long-tail keywords because volunteers are likely to be more precise when inquiring about a question.

Following that output, marketers can leverage these changes to offer more aimed, precise content which heads to enhance their click-through charges.

Live Video Plays a Big Role Still

A video is a cherished tool even in the digital marketing realm and live video is one of the greatest approaches to grow engagement faster in online marketing. A portion of this is due to the huge spike in streaming facilities, because of the popular channels like the "Twitch," which permit people to effortlessly stream video gameplay or even equipment like Sony’s PS4 game console that carried with live streaming abilities created right into the box.

Live streaming, like it is entitled, is particularly big for digital marketing when confluence with influencer promotion.

Even if it’s the old traditional sources or the youth grown with the social media influencers, like the athletes, musicians, and celebrities undergoing live stream with an influencer who is articulating directly with comments is a huge turnover for the users. The influencer live stream is an extremely useful, high profile kind of digital marketing presently. The interactivity and impulsiveness of live streaming can certainly be a big draw when stated right, with a well-picked behavior.

Programmatic Advertising

The programmatic advertising suggests practicing AI to automate ad buying so you can focus on more precise customers. For instance, real-time auctions or bidding is a sort of programmatic ad buying. This automation is much more effective and rapid, which suggest lower customer acquisition charges and higher conversions.

It’s altering the face of digital advertising so rapidly that, nearly 90% of digital display ads will be programmatic by next year.

Personalized Email

Email endures being a main source of interaction, with many individuals still practicing it for commercial, personal, legal, industrial, academic and scientific determinations. Consequently, the electronic mail grabs it hold forever, and email promotion itself endures to be noteworthy.

Though email marketing is developing, and generic marketing emails aren't as real as they once were. It is now an amalgamation of automation and, more prominently, personalization that makes email marketing vital for this year. When you can produce your email marketing to something precise, like the user surfing a certain product, and then follow up with promotional charges or demo video in a modified email, this can be very operative. Email is often the ultimate "trigger" to encourage action, particularly when confluence with your remarketing strategies.

Stay at Par with the Google Search

2019, predicted as the revolution year would be definitely serving great chances to the people that are wondering beyond Google rankings and focusing the promotion of their product. Therefore, the marketing policies that are not restricted to the search engine of Google. For example, the App Store marketing is possibly the best way to endorse your application, which ultimately enhances your trade.

The SEO isn’t just limited to carrying your brand to the leading outcomes of search engines like Google, but to safeguard that your content positions on the various podiums along with it. If your target users are looking for informative videos, you necessitate being very sure that your position on the top of various video sharing podiums like YouTube.

Additionally, the basic notion is to be sure enough that your customers get what they are guessing from you. This basically portrays the requirement to appoint the noticeable SEO facilities that can increase the gradual traffic on your website or claim with the specific practice of SEO strategies.

Up to Mark Content

Content marketing continues to be a vital constituent of digital marketing, however, there’s an increasing aim on pointless stuff in the information. Quality will always be a concern, but now there’s a renewed interested in seeking more intensely into who the intended recipients are. Comprised with a deeper more refined comprehending of an aimed market and focusing that marketplace with precision is one of the upcoming trends in the operative buy/sell trade.

While normal audience content is, was and further will always play a significant role, specialized material for precise industries or professionals can also yield notable outcomes. That, confluence with enhancing techniques in assessing content efficiency, keep content marketing pertinent and moving forward to stay at par.


With more customers are processing their online doings practicing their smartphones, marketers endure to leverage micro-moments to entice their audience’s consideration and accomplish their instant choices.

Every time a user fetches for something, seeks for a nearby store, wants to settle a task or makes a purchase, marketers can take benefit of these sorts of micro-moments to develop aimed content and promotion.

In order for marketers to prosper in practicing micro-moments, they should comprehend the basic practices of each one.


Chatbots will endure being a vital part of digital marketing for this year. This AI-associated technology practices instant messaging to chat in day or night, real-time with your users or site visitors. Not just this, Uber practices chatbot technology to interact with users, making it easy for them to appoint cars even on Facebook Messenger, via Slack or through Google Maps. The travelers with the help of the menu can choose the kind of ride they urge for, make an appeal, can every time check the location of their vehicle, can share their approximation of the time with their friends, and even make transactions.

Final Words

Companies in 2019 won’t require entirely refurbishing their digital marketing policies or suggestively enhancing their budgets in order to head towards prosperity. In lieu, they’ll require to capitalize and adapt to growths in the digital space, like the enhancing impact of social media and enhancing the reputation of video content. Users are outlaying more and more time online and are endorsing enhancing confidence and weight behind digital content when it comes to making acquiring choices. By ordering smart and actual digital marketing, organizations can take full advantage of their time and resources by making valuable online impressions, consequently enticing new users while building brand loyalty in the year forthcoming.

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