About Woosper

A Digital Marketing Agency Dedicated To Providing Interactive & Customized Solutions.

Woosper is one of the leading Digital marketing agencies headquartered in California, USA. We started our journey back in 2016 and now we've grown to over 150+ employees by utilizing the data-driven approach. Our teams put their best to help the business grow in this tech-savvy world. At Woosper, our pros believe in operating by innovating, educating, learning, and delivering results, which actually makes us different and stand-out from others.

  • A bunch of tech-savvy enthusiasts having extensive industry experience.

  • Expertise across different Industry Verticals

  • Wide domain and technology expertise.


We Work for Your Profit

Delivering The Full Suite Of Digital Marketing Services

Being the best Digital marketing agency in the USA, we'll provide your business with well-crafted solutions which will be effective and affordable to scale your online business. Our customized services will make your target audience accessible to you and further help you in getting relevant leads.

Business Solutions

We provide the best online digital marketing solutions to help you & your business gain greater success.

Professional Approach

Our well-customized solutions serve businesses with optimum solutions in this digital age.

Data-Driven Insights

Our online digital marketing services help make your audience accessible to you & convert them into the leads.

Elegant & Sleek Solutions

Our pool of professionals delivers optimum solutions to ensure you get the best out of everything.


We Are Available Worldwide

We are a young, fast-growing online digital marketing agency with the teams of dexterous professionals having intentions of global expansion.

Meet The Woosper Team

The Team Of The Brightest And Best On The Web

Talented, Creative, Leader, Innovative… This whole is much more than just the sum of its parts.

Neha Sharma

Neha is the brains of our team! She manages the diverse mix of personalities, ideas and egos that marketing professionals like us bring to the team, and ensure that our collective output is much more than the sum of our individual contributions. She holds us to the straight and narrow and helps put together the appropriate marketing and lead generation strategy for the brief we receive from our clients. She holds a Diploma in Digital Marketing and has dedicated more than a decade to this profession.

Diwas Triprathi

Diwas is a self-professed ‘writer by birth’, and holds a Degree in Journalism and a Diploma in Integrated Marketing that complement his innate abilities. He is also a Hubspot certified Content Marketer and has worked with numerous publications in the print-media before switching to the digital world. He is a firm believer in team work; for him, it is not just the idea, but also the team’s buy-in into the idea, that makes a campaign successful!.

Mahak Sharma

Mahak holds Master’s degrees in Computer Applications, with a focus on Communications, and has built up a formidable reputation as a master brand strategist for digital campaigns. She is an avid speaker and shares her knowledge at different forums dedicated to online marketing and the impact of new technologies on the marketing domain

Anish Sinha
Social Media Specialist

Anish has accounts on more social media channels than most people have ‘friends’ or ‘followers’ on all their channels put together! He thrives on social media, and dreams of the day when he can directly ‘plug-into’ a digital stream a-la ‘The Matrix’. He is a perfect complement to our team and helps us navigate the always-on, ever-changing world of Social Media. In his spare time, he contributes his skills to not-for-profit campaigns like “Swacch Bharat” (Clean India) and “Clean Water” run by local NGOs.

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