Digital Marketers must get into the specifics of this new trending app-TikTok
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Digital Marketers must get into the specifics of this new trending app-TikTok

Are you a digital marketing savvy? Or looking for some new platforms to engage a wide range of audience globally?

Well, you must have heard about TikTok or probably you have an account on it. Chances are that you might be wondering what all this app is about?

So if you have such questions in mind, you have landed to the right place. We’ll be discussing plethora of aspects related to this hot trending app- TikTok.

An Insight Of The App:

TikTok app was officially launched in the year 2016 after it collaborated with It’s a platform where people can share short videos usually of 15 seconds. One can add music or filters to the videos to make them more interesting and engaging.

This is the hottest social media app developed by Chinese tech company Bytedance. In China, it is known as Douyin. Do you know what’s more interesting? In the year 2018, it was one of the most downloaded apps in the App store. It has nearly 800 million active users daily.

The 15 seconds videos are produced directly by the user, he can then add music or stickers into it. The user can upload the video along with some description or hashtags so that it can be presented to a wide range of people.

TikTok is a platform for short-term mobile videos. Its objective is to capture and showcase the vision, knowledge, and important moments of the world directly from your phone. This app has enabled everyone to become a creator and has invigorated users to share their creative side through their videos. People usually use TikTok to share funny and attractive videos.

Not only common people are using this app for fun, but many businesses have started using it for marketing purposes. Let’s have a look at it, how TikTok has influenced online marketing sector.

Let’s see how you can reap benefits from TikTok marketing:

Developing A Creative And Unique Content: Digital Marketing

If you own a restaurant, have you ever given a thought about creating quick video recipes along with mesmerizing sounds that will surely entice all the foodies out there?

If you are a bridal dresses retailer, you can even make short videos showcasing the intricacies involved in making a bridal lehenga. The customer will surely get attracted to your work and will definitely book the one.

If you are an event organizer, you can put a lot of stuff on videos showing different kinds of events you have planned. This will give an idea about your talent to the people planning to host an event soon. They will surely hire you!

You can even have fun with TikTok at your workplace to take a break from that monotonous routine. Ask your office mates to create a video with you by doing lip-synching of popular and funny dialogues of movies.

Enter The Hashtag Challenge:

Along with creating fresh and innovative videos, digital businesses online can also hop on hashtag challenges or on latest hashtags. They can create unique videos that will help them getting into the TikTok era.

In this Hashtag challenge, a user creates an exclusive video with a unique hashtag and adds music, filters, and stickers into it and then publishes it online on the TikTok app. This encourages other users to create a different video with the same hashtag used by that individual.

The most vital part of TikTok community is the challenges. There are numerous challenges out there in which users can participate in all around the world. The idea behind the challenge is that users take a clue from other’s videos and remake their own videos with some different content.

If you want to be successful in enticing more users, hashtag challenge is the best free of cost option. So you can avoid paying any fee to endorse your challenge. However, there are also paid options available on the Tik Tok to promote your digital business.

You Need To Maintain Consistency:

If you have entered into the community of TikTok, you should know how to handle your account from business perspective. Surely you might have signed up just to promote your brand. But what’s the use of just making an account and not showing up to your customers regularly.

So you need to upload videos consistently on your TikTok account, this seems to be demanding but yes it’s worth it.

Many companies just drop the idea of marketing on TikTok as they are unable to maintain consistency. They just prefer to run a blog instead. But using videos to market your brand is a much effective option than writing blogs. The reason is videos are always more entertaining and engaging.

And what’s more entertaining than TikTok when it comes to videos? So along with running a blog site, you must resort to TikTok marketing and if you already have an account on it, try to upload videos of your products or services on a day-to-day basis to attract more customers globally.

This approach will ultimately lead to more traffic and sales and will help you make people aware of your brand.

Maintaining consistency doesn’t mean you just post any video you feel related to your business, you have to maintain quality as well. If your regular customers feel some deterioration in your video quality, they will start avoiding your video which in turns leads to loss of customers.

Apply More Engaging Tricks To Improve Your Followers:

Now if you have done proper researches, created unique content consistently and have won the trust of numerous customers, then why not take your digital marketing to the next level?

Try to enhance your followers and keep them engaged with your brand. This will assure you that no client will unfollow you and you also get a chance to know what they are exactly expecting from your side.

Here, I will put some points to explain you the process:

  • Ask a Question in your video
  • Ask your fans tomake a choice
  • Post your video when your followers are online
  • Get the Feedback and improve on it
  • Try to post some industry news and trendy topics
  • Answer everyone who asks a question
  • Celebrate national and international holidays in your videos
  • Go for Giveaways and host competitions
  • Wrap up:

    So these are some of the TikTok marketing strategies you can follow and must know as a digital marketer if you want to become a successful one. So take your brand off the ground with these remarkable schemes which have proven to provide amazing results to the businesses.

    TikTok is a thrilling social media platform, and with the introduction of the ads in the year 2019, it is sure that there are numerous opportunities for marketers to produce ROI from TikTok.

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