How To Make Money With Facebook Ads?
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How To Make Money With Facebook Ads?

You may think Facebook is not as edgy and new as it was before. **No comments in that** However, it doesn't matter what do you think of it, but the truth is its popularity is at the peak, and no one can disagree with it.

Do you even know there are more than 2 billion monthly active Facebook users? In these numbers, 1.37 billion are those who have been actively using their social media networks every single day.

I hope there would be NO surprises in it, plus this is one reason which has led numerous businesses, and people want to opt for Facebook to earn some (side or business) money with facebook ads. Obviously, with such vast potential users, it makes a great sense to invest in Facebook marketing.

The Real Talk

Initially, it can be somewhere challenging to make out the money from Facebook. This can be because of Facebook's sheer size, which maximum time makes it challenging to stand out in this vast crowd.

Maybe the reason being Facebook only showcases a specific selection of posts on every person's feed. More so, chances are your updates on your business site will hardly reach 2% of your audience and followers.

Whenever someone opens their Facebook feed, the Facebook algorithm goes via four steps in order to decide which posts the user will get to see on his or her Facebook account. Those four steps are:

  • Inventory - In this, the algorithm examines the recent statuses of all the people present in the person's friend list and in the pages they follow
  • Signals - Signals then have a look at the complete series of signals based on the user's past activities and preferences. This is often based on factors like post engagement, time spent on a certain post, tagging and comments, likes, and much more.

In this, the primary signal from a funds-generation point of view is that the algorithm considers statuses from people more imperative than the posts updated by the Facebook pages.

  • Predictors - In this phase, signal attempts to make an assumption of how the user is going to act to a specific post - whether he/she is going to like it, share it, comment on it or ignore it.
  • Score - In this, the algorithm itself produces a Relevance Score for every post, depending on its predictions and signals.

Note that, whenever Facebook makes a person's newsfeed, it just displays the posts with the maximum relevance scores.

If You Wish To Make Money With Facebook Ads Ask A Question To Yourself - Are You A Business, Influencer, or Just A Normal Person?

Well, Facebook is basically a social network, where different people can socialize, hang out, and share some common things. Maybe this can be the one reason why Facebook tends to give more priority to any person's personal account rather than weighing posts from some page. This is something businesses should always have in their minds.

The most reliable way to ensure that people noticed what you have said is by building your support until the point where they weigh you as an influencer. So, whenever you attain that certain point, it gets simpler to make money via Facebook. And then, there come Facebook Ads, which can give an additional push to the extent of FB posts with the help of a professional Facebook Ads Management Services.

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What Is The Difference Between Organic Content & Paid Ads?

We got to know a lot about Facebook ads in this post. But now let's understand what these Facebook ads actually are & what is the difference among Facebook ads and organic content?

In brief and concise words, Facebook ads are something that you fund with money, while organic content is simply a plain post that does not intake funding from your end. The reason for bringing this to your consciousness is because there are lots of companies that post content on the Facebook pages, but what maximum don’t know is that a tiny section of their followers really notices it.

Facebook is one online social platform which works on "pay to play" thing. This means a business cannot rely only on an organic approach to raise its followers. In order to give a hike in their follower growth in a short span of time, they are best advised to use or go for Facebook advertisements.

Now we got to know there is potential money to be made on Facebook. However, you may be questioning if it’s viable to really make it.

Firstly, it doesn't matter if you are the one who is entirely new to Facebook ads or someone who is excited to get started with Facebook ad campaigns – in this write-up, you will get to know how possible is it to make money with Facebook ads.

Now, let’s dive into the significant steps you require to take to earn money with Facebook ads.

Determine Your Business Goals

The first thing to do is to determine your business goals. If you don’t decide what you want to gain, then how would you get to know how useful it is? You need to ensure that the ad campaigns you run are reflecting your business goals well. While you run a traffic campaign, Facebook is going to show that ad to the people within the target audience you select (the ones who are likely to click them). Primarily, this is because the complete objective of a traffic campaign is to get the maximum clicks.

Everyone knows the importance of Facebook marketing for businesses. Running these Facebook Ads is one of the long-term strategies which give long term results along with the highest ROI. But, in the end, you should just prefer going with the campaign objective and strategy that meets your aims and your resources.

How To Set Up Effective Facebook Ads

Hah, this is pretty important because what would be the point to do so much hard work and effort if you are not setting these ads properly and effectively. So, to make the most out of it, firstly, you would require installing a Facebook tracking pixel on the website.

This Facebook pixel is going to track your visitor's activity and let you utilize that data to your benefit (thereby making it more accessible to earn money with Facebook ads!).

Determine Your Ad Budget

Now, another part to consider while fixing up your ads effectively is to determine your ad budget. While maximum marketing companies need a particular ad budget that is all bound up into your service price, you need to pay the proper attention to it.

Well, budgets are obviously not a “one-size-fits-all” thing in companies. So you need to look out for the service provider, which allows you to give as much as you need for your ad budget.

Know Who Is Your Target Market & To Whom You Want Your Ads To See?- Facebook Marketing

Myth - The more money you would spend on Facebook ads, the more reach it will get.

But, but, the question is - who're going to see those ads? Obviously, so many people but are they the ones to whom you want to see (PS - The real question)

In such a case, you need to choose the targeting options effectively according to your business needs and strategy.

The case could be - You are performing all of the appropriate things in terms of fixing up your Facebook pixel and operating the proper campaign that exhibits your aims…But if you’re displaying your advertisements to people that aren’t related to your services, then you’re merely misusing your funds!

What Sort of Ads Does My Target Market Desire To See?

Once you are done with choosing a campaign and a target market, now the concern is what ads we’re showing. Here, you need to understand the thing that people are on Facebook to socialize, and they didn’t log on to look at the ad campaigns everywhere and every time.

So, you need to make your ad appealing enough to draw the attention of the maximum people going through it. In such a case, videos are the best bet to go forward with as they convey information to their users in a more effective and quicker way. Moreover, various studies have shown that more users favor viewing videos as compared to some other sort of content. Adding to this fact, this ad type converts more.

According to research made by Adobe, users who see videos are 1.81x more prone to purchase avail service as opposed to those non-viewers. Plus, with this, TechCrunch states that the standard ad revenue per user rose to 50% in the US in 2019.

The Real Question - Do These Tactics Actually Work?

Isn't the real question worth considering?

Well, honestly, there is no surety that it would wholly and definitely work for your business or not. However, the efforts and customized strategies put into getting the best out of it would surely make something great out of it.


So, YES, you can surely make out a lot of money with Facebook advertisements services; it is just about following the right set of strategies customized, especially for your business by some dexterous group of professionals.

Just consider following these above-highlighted tips, ideas and integrate them into your business plan in order to make the maximum out of it.

In a case, if you are looking out for some ROI-focused Facebook marketing company, then feel free to reach us. We specialize in Facebook marketing that surpasses our clients' expectations.

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