Digital Branding Strategies: Launch your brand successful

Branding Services: Top Strategies to Make Your Brand Launch Successful

Digital Branding Strategies Launch your brand successful

Launching or relaunching a brand or a product is always stressful. No matter how confident you are, there is always a fear of failure deep down. Five by five global points out that three-fifths of people are unaware of any new product launches and brand visibility. However, it doesn’t mean that products are bad; there is a lack of correct marketing and branding solutions for the products.

As per a report by Mckinsey, the secret sauce to drive growth faster than the peers is to create new products. Now that digital technology creates new media channels, the client-business relationship has become more open; people love to discuss the brand experience on online portals. That’s why launching a brand with branding services in place is all the more crucial. 

In order to be distinctive, relevant, and credible to customers, brands have to re-establish themselves as per the changing needs of customers, and that’s where brand visibility comes into play.

Brand Visibility

Brand visibility is defined as the extent to which customers can recognize a particular brand. In the digital space, it can be defined as the process of creating visibility of the brand in search results, social media, and other marketing channels that corporate branding services utilize. It’s a great way to draw users’ attention towards your brand. For instance, while launching or relaunching a brand, when all the strategies applied by the branding solutions provider are in place, it can greatly increase brand visibility, and more people become familiar with the brand.  

Problems faced by Startups and SMBs while launching a brand

Problem 1: Convincing Customers of your core claims 

Convincing Customers

It’s always a herculean task to convince customers of your claims. Many companies claim to provide the best products, but how many of them are believed by customers? Sadly, not many. The reason is that they don’t do enough branding to convince customers.  

Let’s show you how Goodridge & Williams Distillers did it: 


When Goodridge & Williams launched Nütrl Vodka Soda, they found it hard to convince customers that it only contained Nütrl Vodka, lemon juice, and natural lemon juice. It was indeed a task to make people realize that this drink is healthier than wine and beer. They came up with a 30-second ad of people “breaking up” with other drinks during sports games on tv and social media. The ad proved to be a hit, and the drink became the fastest-growing vodka soda in Canada. 

What we Learned? 

Embrace Video Marketing. 

As many as 45% of people watch an hour of video every day.

79% of customers like to watch a video rather than read about the product. 

Video marketing can help you get 66% more qualified leads every year. 

Problem 2: Cheaper doesn’t equate Better 

Many companies think that they will flourish if they price their products less than competitors. However, it’s not true- it all depends on marketing and online branding services. Through branding services, small businesses get benefitted and sell more products. Let’s take the example of Harry’s. 


Harry’s offers custom-made blades at a price much less than the well-known alternatives. But cheaper doesn’t mean one automatically gets more customers. Here’s what Harry’s did- the company offered a trial offer and marketed it intensively on social media to drive traffic on its landing page and was hugely successful in doing so as it generated $200 million in revenue. 

What did We learn? 

Create a trial offer and market it to the fullest with the help of business branding services.

It’s a great way to convince customers by reducing the friction of buying a product they don’t like. The ball is in the customer’s court, and customers like it that way. 

Problem 3: Raising awareness among the target audience 

This one is a really difficult task for digital branding services but not an impossible one. When one focuses on the target audience and captures its interest, half of the battle is won. Let’s see how Unsplash did it seamlessly. 


Unsplash launched a Kickstarter campaign to raise $75,000 for a book featuring inspiring photos and essays as a way to thank photographers and creators who had contributed to the site. The surprising part is that they managed to exceed the target by $25,000. How they did it? They involved influencers. 

What did We Learn? 

Partner with influencers. 

Millennial customers get influenced by the recommendations of their peers. A study by Nielsen Catalina Solutions and TapInfluence showed that the ROI of the influencer content is 11 times greater than the traditional campaigns. One can collaborate with influencers by asking them for product reviews, guest posts, sponsored content, etc. 

Problem 4: Relating with Customers 

A big problem in corporate branding services is how to relate with customers. Oftentimes, PR stunts fail to impress customers. Let’s see how Tommee Tippee tackled this problem with ease. 


Tommee Tippee is a company that makes baby wipes. New parents often get unneeded advice from others that they absolutely hate. The company related perfectly with parents by turning parenting help books into baby wipes so that parents can literally wipe butts with other people’s advice. The idea helped increase brand awareness and brand visibility. 

What Did We Learn? 

Turn engineering into marketing. 

Find customers’ pain points and turn your marketing campaign into something that can either solve the problem or at least allow them to laugh at those problems. 

Problem 5: Creating a Social Buzz 

Marketing and digital branding services are all about creating a buzz. But how can one do it in a way that guarantees success? Let’s see how Absolut nailed it! 


Absolut engaged young customers in Argentina when it released “Unique Vodka.” The idea was to throw a launch party but with a twist. The marketing campaign and online branding services are required people to interact with a fictional doorman on WhatsApp named “Sven.” A WhatsApp number was released asking people to charm Sven to get them on the guestlist for the party. It created a social buzz, and people sent all kinds of hilarious messages. 

What Did We Learn? 

Be ready to explore new channels for your launch. 

It’s imperative to know where your target audience is how to reach it. Don’t be afraid to take the help of business branding services to explore new channels and create a valuable experience for the target audience. 

How Woosper Does it for its Clients? 

We are fully equipped to provide professional branding services to businesses of all sizes. We build a landscape to ensure faster business growth by creating brand identity and further ensuring the visibility of the brand. 

At Woosper, we focus on three main core competencies: 

  • Insight and Research 
  • Visual Communication 
  • Market Outreach 

For instance, we helped Cerebrum Infotech grow 3X in just a year by working on their professional branding services. We put our above-listed learnings into action for Cerebrum Infotech. First, we increased their social media presence with our online branding services. Then we guided them by providing a free 14-day trial of their ready-to-use software products and got in touch with industry-specific influencers to relate to their target audience. We worked extensively on the brand tone and voice to build a positive image of the business. 

Launch from Scratch or relaunch your existing brand 

Looking to launch from scratch or relaunch your brand? We know the recipe to success and help you with the right ingredients for branding services! Get in touch today to opt for the correct digital branding services that take your business on the path to success. 

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