Addiction, Trauma &

Mental Health Treatment

in Long Beach, CA

The Challenge

Increase Keywords Ranking & Hike in Organic Traffic

Client’s requisites were to increase organic traffic, number of users and decrease in bounce rate in order to have maximum online visibility; to increase the brand awareness over the web. Major emphasis was to achieve keywords rankings on first page.

The Solution

We did proper audit and in depth analysis of the website and found following issues in it:

  • The website’s Mobile and Desktop speed was too slow.
  • Robots.txt file was not present in the website.
  • The organic rankings of the keywords and organic traffic was very less.
  • Image ALT Tags were missing.
  • Meta Tags were not optimized as per the selection of keywords.
  • The number of quality backlinks was very less.
Strategic SEO Plan
  • Implemented a strong link building campaign
  • Researched on relevant keywords and incorporated them into the Meta tags.
  • Competitor Analysis.
  • On page optimization of the website.
How we implemented our SEO Campaign
  • Optimizing the structure of the website.
  • Then we optimized On Page factors of the website. This included optimizing the speed of the website; meta tags creation, keywords optimization and internal linking of the website.
  • Published some user friendly content to improve the website’s visibility.
  • Implemented internal linking to establish website’s structure and spread link equity.
  • Next, we did competitor analysis and found quality backlinks on which our competitors have worked on.
  • Lastly, link building structure was implemented to increase the ranking of keywords and also the organic traffic.
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